Post-NAB Announcements

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I really enjoyed my time at NAB this year. I spent a lot of time hanging out at LumaForge’s Faster, Together stage as well as in their Workflow Suite. I met a lot of great people and even got to do my own presentation about the making of Off The Tracks on the stage there. We will be sharing that video as soon as it goes live on YouTube! In the meantime here are some photos taken by the amazing Cirina Catania:

Brad Olsen on Lumaforge Faster Together Stage_NAB 2018_ZOO01035
Photo by Cirina Catania
Brad Olsen_Faster Together at NAB 2018_ZOO01042
Photo by Cirina Catania

I also had the amazing opportunity to take the stage at the SuperMeet! I am humbled to have been able to be among a line up of so many amazing presenters that night. It was really rewarding to be able to talk about my documentary at the same event where Final Cut Pro X was unveiled 7 years ago.

Photo by Bill Davis

Our friend Richard Taylor caught a bit of the action as I wrapped up my presentation and put it on YouTube!

I also got to share a brand new trailer with the hundreds of people in attendance. Here it is for those of you who weren’t present:

So the big news is that we are doing our Premiere… *ahem* sorry, we’re calling it our Official Debut of Off The Tracks at the 18th Anniversary of LACPUG on June 27, 2018! We hope to see you there!

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