The NYC Premiere of ‘Off the Tracks’

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Free Tickets Available!, LumaForge, and Light Iron have all come together to sponsor a special event screening of Off the Tracks in New York City!

Where? SVA Theater 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

When? Tuesday October 2nd 6:15PM  Meet & Greet with lite bites & beverages 7:00PM  Off the Tracks Premiere 8:30PM  Q&A to follow!

If you or anybody you know will be in the area and would like to attend the ticket is free, just RSVP.


Off The Tracks Released!

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Available Today on and Amazon!


I’m happy to announce that Off The Tracks is available to buy or rent on Amazon in the US and UK or purchase worldwide through The code OTTFCPX will save you $1 off the movie or $5 off the Bonus Feature Edition through!

Off The Tracks has taken two years of my life to make from start to finish. Making this project was a challenging yet rewarding experience. My hope is that this documentary will be used as a tool to to help Final Cut Pro X gain more acceptance in the larger video editing community around the world. Technological changes like FCP X are happening with more frequency in our industry and the more open we can be to new ideas the better.

Ultimately this documentary is about how a tool has helped democratize movie making. It is also a product of what it preaches. Final Cut Pro X does empower storytellers and that message was what made me passionate enough to take all the time and energy to make this documentary. It’s a real meta sort of thing.

While I put a lot of myself into making this I could not have done it alone. This project would not have been completed without the support from my backers on Kickstarter and friends who stepped up to see it through. The end result of our combined efforts exceeded my original aspirations for this documentary. It really motivates me to get busy on the next project!

UPDATE: Now available on the iTunes Store!




Official Debut of Off The Tracks!

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I’m excited to announce the upcoming premiere official debut of Off The Tracks at the 18th Anniversary of LACPUG on June 27! In addition to the first public screening of the now completed documentary about Final Cut Pro X we’ll also be joined by NLE software legend Randy Ubillos!

Randy created Adobe Premiere in the early 90s and went on lead the Final Cut Pro team at Apple for 20 years. We are looking forward to hearing more from him about the history of video editing software at the event!

Get your tickets to this incredible event now through Eventbrite.

We hope to see you there!

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Post-NAB Announcements

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I really enjoyed my time at NAB this year. I spent a lot of time hanging out at LumaForge’s Faster, Together stage as well as in their Workflow Suite. I met a lot of great people and even got to do my own presentation about the making of Off The Tracks on the stage there. We will be sharing that video as soon as it goes live on YouTube! In the meantime here are some photos taken by the amazing Cirina Catania:

Brad Olsen on Lumaforge Faster Together Stage_NAB 2018_ZOO01035
Photo by Cirina Catania
Brad Olsen_Faster Together at NAB 2018_ZOO01042
Photo by Cirina Catania

I also had the amazing opportunity to take the stage at the SuperMeet! I am humbled to have been able to be among a line up of so many amazing presenters that night. It was really rewarding to be able to talk about my documentary at the same event where Final Cut Pro X was unveiled 7 years ago.

Photo by Bill Davis

Our friend Richard Taylor caught a bit of the action as I wrapped up my presentation and put it on YouTube!

I also got to share a brand new trailer with the hundreds of people in attendance. Here it is for those of you who weren’t present:

So the big news is that we are doing our Premiere… *ahem* sorry, we’re calling it our Official Debut of Off The Tracks at the 18th Anniversary of LACPUG on June 27, 2018! We hope to see you there!

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Distribution Deal in the Works!

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Thank you for your interest in Off The Tracks! The response from the Final Cut and post community across the globe has been more than what I had hoped for.

I’m excited to announce that as a result of the attention we’ve received so far we are now in discussions with an actual movie distributor! Our goal is make our documentary as widely available as possible.

If you’d like to be the first to know when and how Off The Tracks will be officially released I invite you sign up for the email list below.

It’s been an amazing journey since I started making this movie back in 2016, and I’m glad we’re so close to being able to share what we’ve made with the world. The adventure continues!